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Vent Area Calculations

We offer a vent area calculation as a complimentary service supplied with every relevant quotation, to establish the venting area required for any application, according to EN14491_2012. 

We offer a variety of sizes, constructions and materials of explosion venting panels. In order to identify the correct vent panel for each application, a vent area calculation is required to ensure the most effective vent panel size, material and construction is installed and in the correct position for the application. If the dust characteristics are unknown, we can arrange for a sample of the dust to be sent to a testing laboratory to identify these details.

We use our own calculation system, according to the standard EN14491_2012, to calculate the accurate vent area calculation. You can see a sample vent area calculation sheet, like those we provide to our customers, complimentary with each relevant quotation, by clicking the button below. 

a complimentary service

The vent area calculation sheet requires information such as the vessel input data, explosion characteristics of the dust being processed and the vent characteristics. From this information we calculate the basic vent area, additional vent areas and the total vent area. We then identify our proposed vent details for the application in question. This includes the vent type, vent size, Euratex vent drawing number and the vent switch type. With all this information complimentary to our customers, there is no requirement to go anywhere else for your explosion protection services as we offer a complete protection design service. 

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