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Servicing of equipment

Regular inspections of equipment are crucial to upholding the ATEX quality assurance of any explosion protection application. Equipment should be serviced according to the manufacturers instructions.Failure to do so puts your production at risk, including the personnel surrounding the process machinery, and in some cases means you are breaking the law. 

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The servicing of explosion protection applications is regularly overlooked, but if a system is full of product or has suffered wear and tear during production, it may no longer function correctly which leaves the plant deprived of sufficient protection against a dust explosion. 

Inspection is also important to ensure that all has been installed correctly and will function accordingly. Again, if an application has not been installed as per the manufacturers instructions and the manual provided, the system may not be protected from an explosion. 

Arranging a service is easy with Euratex. We are happy to send an engineer to your site to conduct a free site survey to identify the equipment that needs to be serviced. Once we have identified the equipment in question, we will supply you with a quotation and sample service schedule. From there, we will send our engineer to your site once an appointment date and time has been arranged with you to conduct the servicing. We aim to send you a detailed service report for all items inspected and maintained within 7 days of service work completion.

Please note that all equipment to be serviced (and surrounding processes) must be shut down in order for our work to begin. 

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We will be happy to assist you in getting all of your site explosion protection serviced and inspected. Depending on your site location, we may be able to send our engineer to conduct a survey free-of-charge and then supply you with a personalised quotation to service your explosion protection equipment.

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