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Flameless Venting

Flameless Venting

What is Flameless Venting?

Flameless Venting, is used to extinguish the flame from a vented explosion without the use of expensive ducting, limitations to equipment location, or more costly explosion protection.

‘Flameless Venting’ is an ideal form of explosion protection. Specifically when the process area, located inside, has no possible means of venting to an outdoor safe area. On one hand, flame arresting vents provide an escape route for explosion pressures similarly to ordinary venting. On the other hand, ‘flameless venting’ prevents any flames and dust particles from exiting the vessel. These quench in place by the mesh cartridge. This form of flameless vents is highly effective preventing subsequent fire hazards and secondary explosions. If they were to happen, personnel and/or neighbouring machinery would be in severe danger.

Finally, Euratex supplies optimised flame quenchers to fit into tight production facilities. Therefore reducing the costs and time in modifying plant layouts. We not only offer an extensive range of sizes and capabilities – all ATEX certified. But also, design your protection as per EN 14491.

Generally, the vented equipment links to other parts of the process via ductwork. In spite of the vent panel relieving the pressure, the propagation can however, return via the ductwork. For this purpose, explosion isolation of ductwork should always go hand in hand with explosion venting. For explosion isolation, please see here.

The Solutions

Flameless venting from Euratex

FLEX Flameless Venting


Flameless vents from Euratex

EVN Flameless Venting

a cost effective solution

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flex - flameless venting solution

Flameless venting with Euratex
Flameless vents with Euratex

The FLEX flameless vents are, above all, the best solution for safe indoor venting. In particular for production areas. For instance, where safe outdoor venting isn’t an option. First, the FLEX unit doesn’t allow flames to pass through due to the flame-arresting mesh. In short, this mesh prevents any burning material from passing into the surrounding area through the flameless vents. It also ensures the safety of personnel and equipment in a processing area. Classic explosion relief equipment still requires building alterations. Therefore, with the FLEX flameless vents, you will truly save on costs. Also, the FLEX is installed along with a VMP venting device (many sizes to choose from). The FLEX is suitable for both food and pharmaceutical industries. As for applications that process, melt and coarse dust as well as light metal dust. Finally, the FLEX is simple to install and what is more, requires minimal maintenance.

Flameless venting by Euratex

In conclusion, there are two basic functions in the system. Explosion venting as well as prevention of explosion propagation into a free space.

The FLEX devices are primarily suitable for the protection of the equipment.

  • Filters
  • Reservoirs
  • Mills
  • Crushers
  • Cyclones
  • And other equipment with dust explosion danger

An explosion will cause a pressure wave with a high velocity. As a result, the explosion venting device (VMP) will burst. In the meantime, the FLEX absorbs flame and burns particles. Therefore, when an explosion occurs due to the flameless vents you will only see a harmless smoke cloud. 

For technical information, parameters or datasheets, please contact Euratex directly at sales@euratex.co.uk


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Flameless Vents: A cost-effective solution ideal for dust explosion venting inside production buildings.

new flameless venting from Euratex

The EVN Vent comprises a spring-loaded valve plate, valve seat as well as a flame quenching filter element. During an explosion, the pressure wave acts upon the valve plate causing it to open. Consequently, the flame will enter the quenching chamber.  Once there, pressure is allowed to dissipate through the flame quenching filter however the flame itself cannot pass. As soon as the explosion has extinguished, the valve plate returns to its operating position.

Continued operation after an explosion

After an explosion, the EVN Vent can be re-used. Since you don’t need to return it to the manufacturer, savings are then made in spares holding and downtime.  The result is a cost-effective solution for plant designers and end users for all industries.

Protection against gas explosions

Granted that danger of explosions in all industrial applications is highly possible. For example, where pulverised or powder material is processed or stored. EVN valves are optimised to not only vent the excess pressure in an explosion but also close the valve as soon as the pressure subsides. 

flexible installation options

In fact, EVN Valves can be installed in any position and axis. For this reason, the valves can be retrofitted to most containers, vessels, silos and conveyor systems. In addition to that, they provide economical protection. Not only against any damage to people but also to equipment.

recognised safety, quality assurance

Also, EVN Valves are DNV Type Approved for dual fuel, gas engines and engine exhaust lines. The manufacturing quality assurance program is to ISO 9001 standards. And the manufacturing company is certified by LLOYD’S REGISTER. 

materials, sizes and limits of use

For technical information, parameters or datasheets, please contact Euratex directly at sales@euratex.co.uk

Servicing the whole of the United Kingdom for Flameless Venting

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