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Explosion Protection Document (EPD)

As the employer, you are obliged to protect and prevent against any explosions that may occur in a process area. There are many ways that this can be done, such as completing an assessment of all explosion risks, identifying all hazardous zones where an explosive atmosphere may be present and selecting and utilising correct and appropriate equipment. Whichever method you use to achieve compliance the process must be documented and an Explosion Protection Document (EPD) compiled.

This document includes the findings of risk assessments and describes all of the measures you have put into place around the site to avoid or mitigate an explosion. Without this document, you may not be complying fully with ATEX regulations.

An EPD must include the following:

  • Training and supervision procedures for anyone working in or around a hazardous area.
  • The operation of early warning devices.
  • Technical and organisational measures put in place to reduce the risk of explosions, and the measures used to lessen the effects of an explosion.
  • Operation of permits to work, maintenance, operational procedures and coordination between employers.
  • The properties of substance that present an explosion hazard.
  • The emergency escape route.
  • The selection and usage of proper equipment for use in hazardous zones (including certification and calibration documents)
  • Equipment used that is CE marked and in compliance with the ATEX product regulations.
  • How often the EPD is reviewed, renewed and the plans to renew in the future.

Euratex offers a service to provide clients with an EPD that complies with these standards. If you wish to learn more about the service we can provide, please feel free to give us a call, email or send a message on our enquiry form. 

You can read more about EPDs by reading the Health and Safety Authority ATEX page here, and read their frequently asked questions here. 

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