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complete protection design

Euratex provides a complete service from protection system design, supply, installation and servicing – so there’s no need to go anywhere else for your protection requirements.

Depending on the type of application and the material being processed, each explosion protection equipment and system is different to the next. We offer a complete protection design service to our customers so you know you are covered. From vent area calculations, to material classification and testing, we can help identify the correct protection requirements and ensure your system has the correct protection design necessary. 

a complete protection design service

From the first step of protecting a system from an explosion, to the very last – we provide our customers with complete protection design from start to finish. If you aren’t sure of the ignition parameters of the product being processed, then we can get the dust tested and classified to begin the design process and ensure the right protection is identified. From there, we can supply you with a quote for our proposed system, specific to your requirements. Next, we supply you with the equipment and can execute the commissioning and installation. 

After the installation, a routine check up by Euratex can be arranged to ensure the system is functioning correctly and there is no product accumulation. Our engineers can service the equipment when the maintenance is due as per the manufacturers instructions, and provide you with a list of recommended emergency spare parts to keep on site.

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