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Explosion Protection Document (EPD)

As the employer, you are obliged to protect and prevent against any explosions that may occur in a process area. There are many ways that this can be done, such as completing an assessment of all explosion risks, identifying all hazardous zones where an explosive atmosphere may be present and selecting and utilising correct and […]

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3D Hazardous Area Classification

It is of vital importance that potentially hazardous areas (dust and gas explosions) within a production area are well defined, so that all personnel operating in and around those locations are aware of any potential dangers around them. Zonal mapping is a way to highlight these areas in a way that all personnel can understand […]

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Dust Explosion Characteristics Database

A really helpful online database search for dust explosion combustion and characteristics of different materials is¬†GESTIS-DUST-EX.¬†GESTIS-DUST-EX contains information about combustion and the different characteristics currently of 6005 materials. We find this a highly informative and handy tool for this industry, and the website is very easy to use. Simply type in to the search bar […]

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