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Barrier Valves

Barrier valves (also referred to as non-return valves) are the most common form of explosion isolation. A dust explosion in a filter or dust collector can travel back via the inlet duct work to connected machinery or other equipment. The explosion could gain significant speed and may cause catastrophic damage that can be life threatening to personnel in the area. Ignition sources such as embers or sparks can be produced by process machinery and then conveyed to filters which can provide the optimum conditions for dust explosions. The likelihood of an ignition source, together with an optimum airborne dust concentration, characterises filters and dust collectors as high risk zones for dust explosions to occur. Barrier valves stop the explosion travelling to other processing systems. Euratex offers a wide range of ATEX certified barrier valves, with different price points catering to different applications where the choice of valve is determined by the Kst value of the material being handled and the size of valve required.

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