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Industrial explosion protection

Euratex has gone on to become one of the leading explosion safety system equipment suppliers in the United Kingdom, establishing a reputation as highly recommended explosion safety specialists. Euratex Limited was formed in June 2006 to provide explosion safety systems, advice, installation and services relating to process explosion protection in a variety of industries.


We offer a wide range of explosion protection equipment, from explosion venting to explosion suppression systems. Click below to read more about our solutions for explosion risks.

Emergency Vent Panel Replacements

We stock the most common sizes of panels so we can get a replacement explosion vent panel to you in 24 hours…

Industrial Explosion Protection Systems, Solutions & Services


As well as supplying equipment, we offer our services complete with installation of products. Projects have been successfully completed in the UK, Thailand, China, Spain, Hungary, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Puerto Rico demonstrating the company’s ability to provide a global service. Large projects have been successfully completed in the brewing, flour, waste water and power generation industries.


We pride ourselves on giving competent and reliable advice advising clients with our many (over 40) years of experience and knowledge in the industry. Having successfully completed projects in the UK, Thailand, China, Spain, Hungary, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Puerto Rico , we have demonstrated the Company’s ability to provide honest advice,


We offer a wide range of explosion protection services, from DSEAR assessments to Explosion Protection Documents (EPD), equipment servicing and 3D Zonal mapping. We recommend that you revisit our site soon, as we update our website, to find out more information about the services we provide and also to get in contact to receive your quotation.

Explosion Suppression

Rapid acting explosion suppression with the HRD system. An effective and reliable solution for a wide range of applications, providing safety for personnel and protection for industrial equipment from explosion damage.

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Certified to Service the VENTEX Valve

Euratex are proud to announce that our Field Service Engineers are fully certified to service Rico’s VENTEX valve…

Recent Updates

Explosion venting

Venting to a Safe Area

When an explosion occurs within a process vessel, the pressure can spread through to other parts of the production area, creating a bigger and more dangerous explosion, which can potentially cause injury to personnel working in that area and major production down time as it damages equipment...

The Importance of Servicing

In order to comply fully with ATEX and DSEAR regulations, as well as upholding the guarantee, explosion protection equipment and systems must be serviced according to the manufacturer's instructions (usually annually). Failure to do so could result in major costs, downtime and even putting personnel at risk...

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