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Spark Detection

Explosion Isolation

Spark Detection

Sparks in pneumatic and mechanical conveying systems can lead to serious fires and possible explosions.  This can result in loss of production, serious damage to the property and danger to humans.  Fires and explosions can be protected by detecting sparks with Spark Detection and creating water mist barriers, activating gas extinguishing systems or simply shutting the process down.

A Spark Extinguishing System comprises the following items:-

  •    Spark Detector
  •    Control and Alarm Unit
  •    Extinguishing or Emergency Shutdown System

Spark Detectors monitor the process conveyors continually and send a signal to the Control Unit immediately any sparks are detected.  Within milliseconds, the extinguishing or isolation system is activated.

The Spark Detectors are fully ATEX approved for use in Zone 20/21 areas.

If exposed to flame the valve can be re-used but the seals and valve plate must be checked before re-entering service. The unit does not necessarily need to be returned to the manufacturer.  Savings are made in spares holding and down-time as a result.  The result is a cost effective solution for plant designers and end users for all industries.


  • CAT2/3D electrical installation
  • Digital, pressure or optical sensors
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