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Its very important to comply fully with ATEX and DSEAR. It is a requirement that explosion protection equipment is maintained in accordance with the manufacturers instructions and the relevant EN standard. We offer servicing across Europe and pride ourselves on giving the best possible service for all of our clients. In 2009 Euratex was awarded certification to ISO9001 underlining the commitment to providing a quality service.

Our team of dedicated engineers are trained and certified to maintain explosion protection equipment across a broad range of types and manufacturers.

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Service and Maintenance Requirements of Critical Safety Equipment

Along with any other mechanical or electrical component serving a function, a critical safety device must be serviced and maintained to ensure that it is suitable for use at the instant time of an explosion. This may be many years after installation but needless to say the function needs to be assured.

In each of the standards listed there is a section which relates to service and maintenance. In EN14797 for instance it is stated that “Explosion venting systems should be inspected by a competent person at least once a year. More frequent inspections may be necessary, depending on the process and/or environmental conditions”.

Additionally there is the requirement in each standard for the manufacturer to state the frequency and service schedule that applies to their own equipment. In the case of a flameless venting manufacturer they state in their manual, that accompanies each vent, “We recommend a regular inspection depending on the operating condition but at least one time a year. During the inspection the following points should be checked and recorded…” The statement goes on to list the criteria but the overall messages from both the standards and the manufacturers is that the critical safety equipment must be regularly serviced.

Competent Persons

As acting agents for a number of manufacturers Euratex is qualified, by either direct training or experience operating critical safety equipment, to be considered to be competent to provide service and maintenance functions. The procedures adopted by Euratex are covered in the ISO9001 quality approval certificate which we hold.

Euratex Servicing

We are aware of a number of installations where critical service has not been carried out for some time. Our service team is on hand to identify the equipment and provide a service schedule with ongoing costs to ensure that safety integrity is maintained. Obviously we cannot insist on doing the work, that after all is down to the ultimate responsibility – the User. But we can at least help by ensuring that critical safety equipment is always ready for use in accordance with the law.

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