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FLEX R1-4 Flameless Vent

The FLEX R1-4 Flameless device to relieve explosion is a suitable solution for installation on equipment inside buildings or production halls.

FLEX guarantees explosion relief in enclosed or internal spaces without propagation of flame, pressure and heat to near surroundings therefore the equipment and technologies that are located in hard to access spaces can be protected by the flameless explosion relief without increased costs for building modifications that are usually related to installation of classical explosion relief equipment.

Protection of your technology by the FLEX flameless explosion relief equipment is not possible to a safety zone or there is not enough space for installation of classical explosion relief equipment.


The FLEX R1-4 has an opening pressure of 0.05 to 0.1 barg.

It can be used for dust explosions where Kst<220 bar.m.s–1.  The maximum allowable reduced explosion pressure is 0.5 barg.

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