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FLEX F1-3 Flameless Explosion Vent

The FLEX F1-3 Flameless Explosion Vent has been specifically designed to combat the threat posed from bucket elevator explosions when installed within a building. Using a combination of bursting panel and flame arresting technologies, the FLEX F1-3 provides an efficient yet lower cost solution to leg, head and boot protection. The explosion panel opens at low pressures allowing combustion gases to be released to atmosphere. Burning material and flame is prevented from escaping into the working area by the metal filter through which the combustion gases pass.


The FLEX F1-3 has an opening pressure of 0.05 to 0.1 barg. It can be used for dust explosion where Kst<220 bar.m.s-1.

The maximum allowable reduced explosion pressure is 0.5 barg.

Flex F1-3

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