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Explosion Venting

Explosion Venting

What is Explosion Venting?

One of the most tried and tested form of explosion relief is ‘Explosion Venting’. Hence why this dates back to the start of industrial explosion protection itself. Firstly, it involves using a stainless-steel panel (sometimes referred to as a vent membrane, bursting panel or rupture disc). The vent panel is designed to rupture safely when over-pressure occurs. In the event of an explosion, the deflagration pressure created is able to escape through the vent opening and into the atmosphere. Above all, preventing the explosion from gaining momentum and having violent consequences.

The explosion panel is installed into the top or side of the dust collector. Furthermore, it is installed in contrast within process vessels or equipment and most commonly fitted on silos or filters. However, they can also be installed in mills, crushers, separators, extractors, collectors and many more. In fact, explosion venting can be used with almost any application providing the post-explosion fire and vapours can be vented to a safe area.

Euratex Explosion Relief

Explosion Venting is regarded as the most cost-effective form of explosion protection. So, before considering something as drastic as explosion suppression, find out if venting will help. However, if you’re unsure of your explosion protection requirements, please contact Euratex. We are happy to help!

We provide vent calculation designs in line with EN 14491. Also, DSEAR assessments and material testing (determining Kst value and dust explosion class). This is to help you and your process in becoming safeguarded and ATEX compliant.

Often the vented equipment is linked to other parts of the process via ductwork. Unfortunately, while the pressure may be relieved, the propagation can return via the ductwork. Above all, explosion isolation of ductwork should always be installed in conjunction with explosion ventingFor explosion isolation, please see here.

Explosion Vents for Dust Collectors

One of the most common scenarios for a dust explosion to occur is within a dust collector. As is clear in the name, a dust collector plays host to a large amount of dust. If this is combustible, dispersed in the air and ignited, the result is catastrophic. However, this can be avoided through the use of explosion vents for dust collectors.

When needed, explosion vents (also referred to as explosion relief panels) are an effective & economical means to release the pressure from expanding gases, and flame propagation of an explosion. Also, if the dust collector cannot be found outdoors and away from personnel, then Flameless Venting must be considered instead. For more information on how to protect your dust collector, please contact Euratex.

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emergency spare vents

the solutions for explosion relief

Explosion venting from Euratax EFV

EFV Explosion Vent

economical solution

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Explosion vent panels VMP from Euratex

VMP Explosion Vent

can be used with flex

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Explosion relief from Bespoke Panels from Euratex uk

Bespoke Explosion Venting Panels

the perfect size


EFV Explosion vent panels

Explosion Vent Panels: First of all, these are fully ATEX approved for use against dust explosion hazards. Therefore, the EFV explosion vent panel is manufactured from a single sheet of stainless steel. As a result, this minimises cracks and crevasses in which product can accumulate. Above all, Euratex offer an emergency vent panel replacement solution, due to holding stock of various vent panel sizes at our warehouse. Besides this, we also offer Explosion vents for dust collectors.


three shape options For: Explosion vent panels




two construction options:

efv-f Explosion relief with Euratex


efv-d from euratex - explosion vents for dust collectors


Firstly, virtually no maintenance required

Available for various operating temperatures and burst pressures (Pstat)

Also, available in a variety of different sizes

Fully ATEX Certified

emergency vent panels and how they are to be replaced, with help Euratex United Kingdom

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Emergency Vent PanelS: Replacements

As a result of an explosion vent panel bursting, it is important that a replacement vent panel is sourced and installed as quickly as possible to minimise downtime.

Furthermore, we understand that production downtime can cause a lot of expense, whatever the reason may be for the interruption. As a result of this, we can identify with this issue and have worked hard to source a solution for this ever-frequent request.

Similarly, Euratex is happy to announce that we can now offer an emergency vent panel replacement service. Most noteworthy, we can get a new vent panel to our customers in as little as 24 hours (subject to availability). Also, by stocking the most popular sizes of vent panel at our warehouse in the UK, we aim to supply our UK customers with a new vent panel in fast succession.

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Information on Flameless Venting: Click here

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Euratex are proud to be the Official UK Partner for RSBP


Round domed explosion vent panel - euratex

Round Domed Vent Panel

– Domed triple layer venting devices with PTFE isolation
– For equipment with operational temperature of up to 240°C
– High pressure resistance
– Stainless steel
– Certification according to EN 14 797

Flat Rectangular Explosion Vent Panel for Explosion relief

Flat Rectangular Vent Panel

– Suitable for applications with low operational pressure (up to 50% of safety opening pressure)
– For equipment with an operational temperature up to 100°C
– Installation without top flange
– Economical solution

– Certification according to EN 14 797

Explosion venting with a domed rectangular vent panel from euratex

Domed Rectangular Vent Panel

– Simple layer construction for equipment with an operational temperature of up to 100°C

– Triple layer construction with high pressure resistance and PTFE insulation for operational temperatures of up to 240°C

– Stainless steel

– Available in domed single layer or domed triple layer

– Certification according to EN 14 797

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Explosion barrier valves guide from Euratex

First of all, explosion venting devices are designed to protect industrial equipment from dust explosions. Thankfully, VMP vent panels offer a very effective function and an economical solution. For the reason that they protect against damages potentially caused by dust explosions. Above all, the VMP is a reliable system that offers an easy installation technique and a long service life. Therefore, when an explosion occurs within a contained vessel, even more of the vent panel opens and relieves the pressure of the explosion. Finally, this will happen when normal working pressure is exceeded.

Almost all VMP devices are primarily suitable for the protection of the following systems:

  • Filters
  • Reservoirs
  • Mills
  • Crushers
  • Cyclones
  • and other equipment with a danger of dust explosions

As a result, the VMP is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. Also, there are accessories for the VMP device. Such as, an opening indicator switch that will alert a control box of an explosion. Another way to detect when the vent panel has been opened.

Finally, for venting inside a process area where there may be surrounding personnel or equipment. Furthermore, please see our flameless venting solutions to enable venting to a safe area.

VMP Round Domed Vent Panel

Technical Parameters

table on Rapid acting valve from Euratex

VMP Flat Rectangular (F) and VMP Domed Rectangular (SU – triple layer) (D – single layer)

Technical Parameters

For information on Explosion Isolation: Click here

bespoke Explosion vent panels

Most importantly, these are fully ATEX approved for use against dust explosion hazards. Hence, it is important to find the perfect fit for your application and get accurate information to suit your process.

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