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Explosion Knifegate Valve

Explosion Isolation

The RSV Explosion Knifegate Valve

The RSV Explosion Knifegate Valve is used to close off a pipe in the event that an alarm signal is received from a sensor.

In normal operation the RSV Valve would be open.  It is connected to an interface control unit which receives signals from process sensors.  An alarm signal from a sensor would result in an activation signal being sent to the RSV Valve.

 Operating under instrument air, the RSV Valve requires no stored energy systems or pyrotechnic actuators.  The compressed air supply is continuously stored in an integral reservoir and monitored.  Once activated, the valve can be returned to its normal operating condition using the stroking controls on the interface unit.

If exposed to flame the valve can be re-used but the seals and valve plate must be checked before re-entering service. The unit does not necessarily need to be returned to the manufacturer.  Savings are made in spares holding and down-time as a result.  The result is a cost effective solution for plant designers and end users for all industries.


  • Explosion pressures up to 24 barg
  • Kst values up to 300 bar.m/s
  • Sizes DN65 to DN300
  • Stainless steel construction


  • CAT2/3D electrical installation
  • Digital, pressure or optical sensors
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