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Dust Classification
Material Testing

The very first stage of identifying the best solution for protecting your process is knowing the characteristics of the process material, as different types of product require different types of protection. Euratex offer a variety of test options for the material being processed at your plant, and can help you decide which testing is necessary for your situation. These tests are conducted at an accredited testing laboratory certified to EN ISO 17025:2005. 

Testing laboratory

We offer a fully certified flammable substances testing laboratory to run various tests on materials, in order to identify the characteristics of the product being processed. The testing laboratory offers the below testing facilities:

  • Test laboratory for flammability
  • Testing laboratory of explosives and methods of controlled blasting
  • Testing facility for explosiveness (flammable dusts, gases, vapors and liquids)
  • Various analyzers and gas detectors, measuring gas concentrations and methane screening

These tests identify the following dust characteristics:

  • Max explosion pressure (Pmax and Kst values) – these values are required for any process requiring explosion protection equipment
  • Minimum ignition energy (MIE) of dust clouds
  • Ignition temperature of suspended dust (MIT of dust cloud)
  • Ignition temperature of stationary dust (LIT) on a heated surface

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