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Category: Explosion Protection

Ventex Valve Servicing

Euratex are proud to announce that our Field Service Engineers are fully trained and certified, according to the most recent certification, to install/service/repair the VENTEX Valve. Euratex are now one of only a handful of certified VENTEX engineers in the UK. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the VENTEX valve must be serviced annually, at minimum. […]

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Emergency Vent Panel Replacements

There are many ways in which an explosion can be prevented with the use of explosion protection equipment. When venting an explosion, a vent panel is used to act as a relief for the pressure build-up when an explosion occurs. If an explosion cannot be vented to a safe area, away from personnel and/or surrounding […]

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Charlie joins Euratex!

This week at Euratex, the business development team has expanded. We are very excited to have a new employee on board to heighten our services and bring new skills to the table. Charlie Whyman has valuable sales and development knowledge that will enhance Euratex to a new standard. Charlie graduated from Kingston University, with a […]

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Explosion Protection Document (EPD)

As the employer, you are obliged to protect and prevent against any explosions that may occur in a process area. There are many ways that this can be done, such as completing an assessment of all explosion risks, identifying all hazardous zones where an explosive atmosphere may be present and selecting and utilising correct and […]

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RAPIV Isolation Valve

This month we were manufacturing some of our RAPIV Rapid acting isolation valves.   Explosion Isolation Vessels in a process are usually connected by pipes or ducting. An explosion that originates in one vessel, can quickly propagate along pipes starting more explosions in connected vessels. In the design of a process it is important to […]

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It is so important to fully comply with ATEX and DSEAR regulations, and meet the manufacturers instructions with regards to maintaining safety equipment. Most safety systems require servicing once a year at the least. If you do not comply with these regulations, you risk more than just damaging equipment. You are potentially putting lives at […]

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Explosion Venting

Explosion venting

When an explosion occurs within a process vessel, the pressure can spread through to other parts of the production area, creating a bigger and more dangerous explosion, which can potentially cause injury to personnel working in that area and major production down time as it damages equipment. Explosion venting equipment releases this pressure in a […]

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