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ATEX Float Valve (AXFV)

Technical Data

Working Principle

Under normal operating conditions, the medium flows through the ATEX Float valve with low turbulence, saving energy. The adjusted internal closure element is held in central position by a unique patented ball and spring system. This ensures the safe operation even at higher flow velocities, and if installed before or after pipe bends. 

In the event of an explosion, the valve closes automatically with the kinetic energy of the pressure wave preceding the flame front. The closing element is pressed axially against the pipe body of the valve and flame propagation proof arrested by a locking device. The closed position of the valve can be indicated by signal generators. 


  • Aluminium housing
  • Mile steel ST 37, painted red
  • Stainless steel W 1.4301 or w 1.4571
  • Internal parts stainless steel W 1.4301 or W 1.4571

Flower Velocity Limit

  • Freely adjustable up to 30m/s
  • Easy on-site conversion can be performed by the plant operator

Installation, position and explosion direction

  • Easy on-site conversion, can be performed by the plant operator

Product temperature

Independent of product temperature by guaranteed flame arresting without internal seals


  • Electrical switch contacts for signalling of "closed" position, also suitable for use in explosive areas
  • Additional stainless steel versions
  • Customised surface finishing
  • Increased product temperature
  • Gas proof version up to max. operating pressure

Technical charges reserved, E&OE



  • Dust loads permissible
  • High temperature resistance
  • No wearing parts
  • Directly acting
  • Product deposits permissible
  • No closure by volume flow
  • Triggering pressure adjustable
  • Short installation length

Project Planning Information

  • Housing materials: Painted steel, stainless steel DN100 & DN150 additionally aluminium
  • Valve prepared for assembly of an initiator M12X1 for signalling CLOSED valve position
  • Available with flanges acc. to DIN or ANSI 
  • Maximum flow velocity infinitely adjustable depending on process and protection concept 


  • No dust loading limits 
  • No gasket temperature limits
  • No wear and tear issues
  • No active detection required
  • No active powder monitoring required
  • No valve closure from normal air flows
  • Field adjustable pressure release
  • Full 14 bar (200+ psi) strength
  • For ST1 and ST2 dusts


Technical Data: ATEX - Float Valve

Technical data for AXFV

ATEX Float Valve

Dimensions/Weights: ATEX - Float Valve

Dimensions ATEX Float Valve


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