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  • Industrial Explosion Protection

    Specialising in explosion venting, suppression and isolation, Euratex has gone on to become one of the leading explosion safety system equipment suppliers in the United Kingdom. Euratex Limited was formed in June 2006 to provide explosion safety systems, advice and installation services relating to process explosion protection.

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We offer a wide range of explosion protection equipment, from explosion venting to explosion suppression systems. Click below to read more about our products.

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Industrial Explosion Protection Systems & Solutions


Its very important to comply fully with ATEX and DSEAR. It is a requirement that explosion protection equipment is maintained in accordance with the manufacturers instructions and the relevant EN standard. We offer servicing across Europe and pride ourselves on giving the best possible service for all of our clients. In 2009 Euratex was awarded certification to […]


We pride ourselves on giving competent advice advising clients with our many years of experience and knowledge. Having successfully completed international projects in places such as Thailand, China, Spain, Hungary, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Puerto Rico, we have demonstrated the Company’s ability to provide a global service. Here is a list of the services we […]


As well as supplying equipment, we offer our services complete with installation of products. Projects have been successfully completed in Thailand, China, Spain, Hungary, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Puerto Rico demonstrating the company’s ability to provide a global service. Large projects have been successfully completed in the brewing, flour, waste water and power generation industries.

3D Hazardous Area Classification

We offer a hazardous zonal mapping service like no other, taking safety to the next level.

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RAPIV Isolation Valve

This month we were manufacturing some of our RAPIV Rapid acting isolation valves.   Explosion Isolation Vessels in a process are usually connected by pipes or ducting. An explosion that originates in one vessel, can quickly propagate along pipes starting more explosions in connected vessels. In the design of a process it is important to […]

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It is so important to fully comply with ATEX and DSEAR regulations, and meet the manufacturers instructions with regards to maintaining safety equipment. Most safety systems require servicing once a year at the least. If you do not comply with these regulations, you risk more than just damaging equipment. You are potentially putting lives at […]

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Explosion venting

Explosion Venting

When an explosion occurs within a process vessel, the pressure can spread through to other parts of the production area, creating a bigger and more dangerous explosion, which can potentially cause injury to personnel working in that area and major production down time as it damages equipment. Explosion venting equipment releases this pressure in a […]

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The services we provide cover a diverse range of operations. Here are a selection of industries in which we have served:

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    We take pride in our attention to detail, and we take our responsibilities toward safety very seriously, demanding the very best from our suppliers.

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Basis of safety report

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